Three Ways To Wear: The Elle Quilted Tee


I hope you guys are all ready to see another Closet Chemistry item!  As I stated here, The Elle is my interpretation of the classic white tee with a little more versatility.  So to show this versatility and how I love to wear my Elle Quilted Tee, I put together three essential outfits that everyone can relate to with specifications listed below.

Work Outfit

By day, I’m a computer programmer in a corporate office so I have to make sure everything is put together with minimal effort.  For my work uniform I always throw on my old man pants, brogues or pumps and a trench.  To keep the make-up simple I just add a red lip and a little bit of eyeliner.  Having my hair off my face is a must because nothing gets me coding like putting on head phones and listening to my Prince Pandora station.


Pants: Loft Trousers (similar here), Coat: Banana Republic Trench

Accessories: Michael Antonio Pumps (old), H&M rings, Premier Designs Necklace (Gifted), DSW Suitcase bag(Gifted)

Night on the Town

For a night out on the town most of us are trying to rush out of our work clothes into something more stylish. So to get out of the house quickly, a little mascara and an extra swipe of liner goes a long way.  I usually throw on my Closet Chemistry gored skirt and some platforms to keep me from walking like a baby calf by the end of the night.


Skirt: Closet Chemistry Leather Gored Skirt, Coat: H&M Camel Military Jacket

Accessories: Steve Madden Platforms(old), Mini suitcase bag (vintage)

Weekend Wear

Weekend wear is a little more challenging for me, which is why this top was designed. I love dressing up but there are some events where you should probably just throw on some jeans. So for the weekend if I’m not strutting around in red leather pants Eddie Murphy style, I throw on boyfriend jeans, some chucks and keep my hair simple with a side twisted ponytail.


Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger Boyfriend Jeans, Faux Leather Jacket (old)

Accessories: Chuck Taylors Low-tops, Closet Chemistry Wales Necklace (seen here)

I hope you guys found some style inspiration in this post and this shirt will also be open for custom ordering through emailing

The Elle Quilted Tee Specifications

  • $142.00 (free shipping always)
  • 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Back zipper
  • Side darts for semi-fitted feel

***Installment plans for all items are available securely through Paypal***


Throwback Thursday: Akira Fashion Show Style

Hello!!!  While I finish up the Three Ways to Style the Elle Quilted Tee post I wanted to partake in throwback Thursday.  So to throw it back a little,  I found some wonderful pictures from when I attended the Akira Fashion show and I just wanted to do a quick showcase of the beautiful women that I attended it with. So let’s check out the beautiful attendees:

Kanae CloseUp






And yes there is some Closet Chemistry love you see there with my Leather Gored Skirt as well as a cool tulle skirt made by my wonderful mom.  Absolutely love the styling! Hell let’s see them again.



I hope you guys enjoyed the outfits in this post.


Closet Chemistry Sneak Peek: The Elle Quilted Tee

I’m pretty much always dressed up but sometimes throwing on a white t-shirt and jeans is my outfit of choice.  So, because I want to fill the boutique with versatile pieces, I’ve decided to do my take on the white t-shirt.  I want you all to be able to wear this on the weekend with jeans and chucks or with a pencil skirt and pumps for work.  I think I have accomplished this with the Elle Quilted Tee with it’s semi boxy fit and couture details inside and out. Here’s a sneak peek for you all as Bertha makes her modeling comeback.




I’m currently testing out the sample and will put it to the ultimate test later this week when I present my research at a STEM conference out in LA.  I’m thinking a black pencil skirt, the Elle Quilted Tee with a gingham shirt layered under it and my Nine West wedges will make for a great combo.

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek, stay tuned for the Cali reveal and don’t forget to comment below.


Closet Chemistry Reveal: Introducing The Kate

I’m so excited to introduce you all to a new member of the Closet Chemistry family, The Kate.  As soon as I saw this fabric I knew that this needed to be added to the boutique.  I immediately styled it in my head with my biker jacket as a midi length pleated skirt with pockets so I wanted to stay true to my original vision.  Today I decided to pair my piece with my Nordstrom basic sweater (seriously I own every color), motorcycle jacket and accessorized with my Zelene wedges and pearls.  I hope you all love the photos because I have been dying to do a shoot in this area for a while…and it was chilly! Information about the skirt is provided below.


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For the Sake of Transparency: Affiliate Links

I was listening to this wonderful podcast series by Elise Joy and a great topic about transparency with your readers came up. This made me realize that maybe I haven’t been transparent enough with certain aspects of my blog. By certain aspects, I mean affiliate links.  Now the last thing I want is the readers of my blog or Instagram followers to think is that I’m trying to bamboozle (or any other old-timey word for trick) them into clicking something where I could make a profit. So, for the sake of transparency, I do indeed use some affiliate links through Amazon.


Well for me it’s a big why not.  I use Amazon and MyHabit for a lot of my purchases and I have never been disappointed. So, all of the products that I add to my shop page are things that I think others will love and that I would most certainly buy myself.  I don’t get free products and I would never put something on my shop page that I wouldn’t actually purchase.

What does this mean for the readers?

Nothing really.  I’m sure you all have seen my Shop page of things that I am coveting or things that I love and I in fact do use some affiliate links through Amazon in that area.  However, I buy the products myself and I scour the internet to find these items so all you guys have to do is enjoy the page.  I will continue to post things with and without affiliate links but I’m not going to start trying to hit you over the head with purchasing these items.

The Shop page will be down today as it was brought to my attention that some of the links are acting wonky but I will have it back up tonight or bright and early tomorrow morning with all of the links working….and maybe some new things that I love.

I hope this was all transparent enough for you guys.