5 Ways To Wear: The Leather Gored Skirt



Hello Love Bugs!

I’m kind of wanting everyone in my Vegan Leather Gored Skirt (seen here). However, I realize that a lot of people don’t feel like they’re daring enough to wear it. So, to ease everyone’s mind, today’s post will be sharing my favorite ways to wear this skirt as well as a link to PRE-ORDER and a sneak peek of the Closet Chemistry website (woot! woot!).

Now, I’m a firm believer in versatility for an investment piece so I wanted to give you guys five looks that would suit a wide variety of personalities or the crazy person like me that actually wears all of these outfits.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Nordstrom Trend Show Fall 2013

Being a Lady


I’m one of those people who likes to do things because they have a specific purpose.  So, I decided that for the sake of my website and my face in general, I should probably learn a bit about make-up.  Why? Well there are three reasons:

  1. I look like a teenager and frequently get carded at rated R movies…..I KNOW!
  2. I most certainly have adult acne and have survived 8 months of severe insomnia (like 1-2 hours of sleep a day) which has left me with extreme dark circles.
  3. For the sake of product photographs, I should probably not look like Michael Jackson after the flash goes off or as Janice from Mean Girls liked to say, a baby prostitute.

So my bestie and I signed up for the Nordstrom Trend Show this weekend and it was AWESOME!!!!  So much free stuff!!!! (Calming down now….putting the exclamation points in my pocket).

First we started with a little modeling, free samples and a word from the beauty reps.  Let me tell you some of them were so hilarious and I absolutely loved the Smashbox rep.

Next, free stuff from Joeur and a much needed facial from the people over at Arcona to get ready for my new found love Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Foundation.  Check out some of our shots, one of which that was taken by the wonderful Armani rep (and baby it’s awkward):

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Stay tuned! A pre-order of 5 Vegan Leather Gored Skirts will be coming up soon :)!


Random Cooking Chemistry: Curried Apple Slaw

Hello! The summer is still here (Boo) which means we can still have barbecues and eat an overabundance of side dishes (Yay).  Look, in all seriousness being a vegetarian at a barbecue can really mean eating nothing but side dishes.  Soooooo, lets make an awesome one that you can sit in a corner and eat while fighting guests off with a fork…..or share.

I’m a sucker for bean burgers and slaw so when a I saw a Runner’s World test kitchen recipe for a curry slaw I knew I had to make this one my own. I decided to substitute the mayo for greek yogurt, switched up the raisins and used Stella Cidre and agave instead of apple juice.  Also, being a person that used to eat red meat like I was paid to do so, I know it would compliment a juicy beef burger.  Check it out below:

Note: Recipe yields 4 servings

Continue reading

Fall Creation: Brick Leather Drop Waist Dress

Well my lovelies I have been doing samples all week and felt like I should share.  I mean that’s what this blog is for, right? I’ve decided that the store needs more vegan leather, a herringbone moto jacket, brocade pants and a little something something that will take you back.  Soooooo, I’m just going to show you a sneak peek of my work space with Big Bertha wearing the muslin draft with preliminary styling and that gorgeous brick color you can look forward to.


I promise you guys won’t be disappointed because I’m seriously in love with this darn thing.  Now all I need Chicago to do is get chilly again.

I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peek and there’s more to come!